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Home of the Desert Hardy Queen Palms

We are just starting up, so were outside working right now.  Our goal is to genetically alter the Queen Palm to survive in the High Desert.  The Hybrid is known as the Xbutyagrus.  We're going to call our special variation The Desert Queen.  

Viola!  We've done it!  Click HERE  if you want some.

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Data: Main and GreenHouse

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Address:  Phelan, CA

Xbutyagrus Details

The Hybrid Process

Where to get one now

Current conditions at:10:39:50

 18 July, 2024 local

24 hr min/max data: 

The min/max data since station reset:


Temp:+98.6 °F at 11:47

Temp:+111.4 °F at 15:17 on 11 July 

Temp:+98.4 °F

Temp:+67.3 °F at 05:45 

Temp:+13.5 °F at 06:48 on 14 January 

Hum:15 % 

Hum:19 % at 07:05

Hum:100 % at 07:48 on 13 February 

Wind:3.4 MPH

Hum:13 % at 12:57 

Hum:Error % at 07:00 on 14 January 

Baro:26.13 In.Hg

Wind:12.3 MPH, 320° at 11:44

Wind:82.1 MPH, 186° at 23:18 on 09 January 

Rain:0 In./hour 

Rain:0 In. 

Rain:0.22 In. of rain since 10:32 on 01 January 

Wchl:+96.8 °F

Wchl:+66.2 °F at 06:00



Hidx:+94.3 °F at 11:47


Dew:+42.8 °F 

 Dew:+43 °F 


Sunr: was at 05:50:58



Suns: will be at 20:00:45    
Greenhouse T:--    
Greenhouse Hum:--    
Pool Temp:--    

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